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Zoning Meeting - 197 Houses on Rockville Road

Date: January 30, 2024  Time: 6:00 PM

St. Matthew's United Methodist Church

1706 St. Matthew's Lane,  Richmond, VA 23033

Contact: 804-556-5865

There is a county meeting for the developer to present plans for a new development and for citizens to ask questions. 

A Rockville Road resident offers a call to participate in this meeting:



197 NEW homes immediately south of the I-64 overpass along Rockville Road!!!

*Note: The second of three site plans indicated 203 homes. The third version has 197


ü  If you live anywhere along Rockville Road – THIS WILL IMPACT YOU!


ü  If you use Rockville Road – THIS WILL IMPACT YOU!


ü  And if you don’t live on Rockville Road – WE NEED YOUR VOICE!


Controlled growth is what we need in Goochland.

Don’t jam 197 homes on a 136 acre parcel of land! 

New homes are fine but not anything near 197 homes!  

The next Rockville Road development will be the golf course property! 

Let’s work together and stop the madness now!!!



Ø Plan on attending the Community Meeting on Jan 30th @ 6 PM; Saint Matthew’s Church.

Ø Come, listen & learn, and if you’d like to, ask questions.  

Ø The county keeps track of attendance at these meetings so show your support for      controlled growth.



Ø The developer is asking for high density on property designated for medium, or better yet, low density housing.  {Controlled growth means rural living; not another Short Pump…}

Ø Basically, high density means RPUD (“Residential Planned Unit Development” means 2.5 units/acre with no minimum lot size).  {You’ll likely hear that term a lot; just remember,   RPUD means “HIGH DENSITY”}

Ø The residential re-zoning sought at 197 homes is non-compliant with the 1975  Comprehensive Plan of medium density. 

Ø This proposed re-zoning is reported to violate the requirement for multiple road entrances for developments of over 49 homes.

Ø The matters of 1) Public Necessity, 2) Convenience, 3) General Welfare and 4) Good Zoning Practices come into question with this proposed development.

Ø With seven (7) traffic fatalities along Goochland’s portion of Rockville Road in recent years  this large, high density development will surely increase traffic concerns.

Ø Stop lights and traffic circles will not ease Rockville Road traffic volume with approval of this development.


COMMUNITY MEETING – Hanover & Goochland Residents Welcome:

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 @ 6PM

St. Matthew's United Methodist Church

1706 St. Matthews Lane


Questions?  Call Chuck Bent @ 804/512-8180 or email me at



If you’d like to be kept informed on area issues that may impact you please provide your email address & contact information.  Distributing flyers is nearly an impossible task so  help make my life simpler. 

Just email me at or call me at 804/512-8180 if you have questions.


·       All emails are sent out as blind copies so no one ever sees your email address.

·       The Email Contact List is never given or shown to anyone, sold or used other than to    keep you informed on area issues.

·       If ever you wish to be removed all you have to do is ask.

·       I’ve maintained the Email Contact List confidential for the last 10 years while keeping   area residents informed.


Please provide the following so I can maintain proper contact information…



Email Address:

Telephone Number:


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