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Whippoorwill Road

Planners must look at the Centerville Plan’s effects, neighborhood by neighborhood.

(May 7)

Close Off Road: The Readers Branch development needed a second exit road. Whippoorwill was a narrow dead-end country lane but, over the strong objections of homeowners, a through road was opened.

When Road A is built, the plan should close the end of Whippoorwill Road, except for emergency vehicles. (A simple double-sided Do-Not-Enter sign will do.)

-Buffers and Berms: Whippoorwill is an example of the need for buffers and berms between existing homes and new developments. Wide buffers with a few trees or old three story trees are not a good sight buffer. (Wide buffers are expensive for developers too.)

Berms, six feet high, with trees planted on on the slope, not top, are a better screen. We need berms on roads, to maintain the rural feel but also for new development boundaries with existing homes.

Examples of a “rural” road, the future of that road, and the need for a back of the house berm.

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