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What is my vision for the Centerville Village?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Did you notice, the plan for Centerville quietly dropped the word “Village?” Now it is just a “Small Area.”

I see a Small Town feel. A village. One or two dozen small shops that you can walk to. A place to have a cup of coffee or sit on a park bench. A place to say “Hi” to your neighbors as they pass by.

Parks where there are NONE now I see a walkable village. One where you feel safe to cross Broad Street.

I don’t think people will be walking back from Food Lion to Saddlecreek with six bags of groceries. No one will walk back to Belleview Gardens carrying a fireplace. But I see people being able to walk out of their neighborhood or cul-de-sac, not stuck on an isolated island, where you need a car to go anywhere.

We need a road plan that will actually work. Prevent traffic jams like we already see on Ashland Road, and dangerous intersections like Rockville Road and Ashland. Have you tried to make a left onto Broad Street Road at the firehouse during the evening rush hour?

And we need careful detailed review of every development to maintain the rural views, with tree lined streets that actually look like a country road and buffers between developments that actually screen the view.

It is the lack of interest in zoning meetings, no attention to detail in plans, and disregard for our neighbors' concerns that made me realize that I need to run for office.

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Graceful Growth, not guaranteed Gridlock

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