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Supervisor Flips, Four Days before Election Voting

We Need a Plan for Centerville as a Village.

Four days before the general election voting started, my opponent flipped, announcing he’ll vote against the Centerville Village plan.

He wrote that the amendment and comment process, which ended Sept. 15, “brought to light numerous concerns.“

No. These concerns were well known for months.

The overwhelming majority of the September 15th amendments were duplicates of the amendments submitted and rejected in the May Planning Commission meeting. Directly after the May meeting, he still voiced his full complete support of the plan.

The board tried to avoid making a decision on the plan until after the election. It is a good thing that this plan is voted down now but that decision was announced just four days before an election. We need our supervisor to listen all the time, not just a couple days, every four years. It should not take a large grassroots uprising to get his attention.

As new development applications are submitted, will we need to repeat a community wide opposition effort every single month, for years?

We Do need a carefully designed plan to face the tidal wave of development that’s coming.

We can’t let development applications come in, in a disorganized patchwork, with little to guide the pieces fitting together.

We need a plan that recognizes our neighbors’ vision for a village, a vision that has been consistent for years. We can’t have behind-the-scenes favors inserted into the plan. Favors that contradict that village vision.

If you elect me, I will fight for a workable Centerville Plan.

I will listen to the wealth of experience and knowledge of our neighbors.

We need graceful growth. Not guaranteed gridlock.

Please visit my website Steve S for District 4 Dot COM

Thank you for watching

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