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Supervisor Flips Before Election

District 4 Supervisor Charlie Vaughters announced that he will vote against the Centerville Small Area Plan. This is just a few days before the start of the election and months after he was in full support of a much worse November 2022 plan.

Virtually all of the objections to the plan were well known months before the county website was set-up to accept amendments. This is contrary to Supervisor Vaughters claim that objections were brought to light in “This past month's amendment and comment period.” The objections were aired in multiple public meetings with video recordings and transcripts.

Many objections were of the latest plan’s

  • unexplained expansion of the most dense area, the core, to the West,

  • the surprise inclusion of hotels as an approved land use, and

  • the Sycamore Creek golf course designation change, to “mixed use core,” commercial and residential.

These changes were unexplained for weeks. Eventually word leaked out that each change was made at developers’ or land owner’s request, in private conversations.

Unrealistic plans to have a “Greenway” through private backyards also caused great concern. The lack of adequate road plans prompted my submission of 15 amendments to avoid gridlock.

Another surprise was the increase of the Tuckahoe Creek development’s density. Neighbors fought for the current density for months, in numerous public hearings. The surprise density increase covered not just Tuckahoe Creek’s section fronting Rockville Road but all the way North to I-64 and Rockville Road.

This “no” vote may seem a victory for our neighbors. Defeating the proposed plan is far better than passing the unchanged plan.

This just means there will be a new battle or two every month, going forward, as individual projects are proposed. It will be an exhausting next few years.

If the Supervisors had accepted most of the amendments then the plan would have been accepted by most of our neighbors. If the Supervisors passed a good Centerville Plan, that would have allowed our neighbors to go back to their daily lives, not constantly worried about the next PC or BOS meeting.

Instead, we still have an obsolete plan which has various issues including a completely inadequate transportation map to deal with the future.

Stay tuned!

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