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Please Get Involved with the Centerville Small Area Plan

Citizen involvement led to numerous beneficial changes to the plan, after the January 11th meeting, in which the Board of Supervisors were in favor of it.

The earlier version had a dense core that depicted buildings with six stories. The core area included parts across the street from single family homes at The Parke at Saddlecreek.

In the earlier plan, Saddlecreek Parkway extended east, past Whippoorwill Road. A maximum height of four stories but allowed density of 8 to 12 housing units per acre at the intersection of the Parkway and Hockett. Townhouses are usually 6 units per acre.

More than six months of focused citizen engagement changed the early version!

The latest plan limits it to three stories but density is no longer mentioned. A previously approved development plan within the core allows for buildings up to 45 feet high (Manakin Towne). The developer originally asked for 11 housing units per acre but citizen involvement capped the number at six units. Note that the developer has told me he now plans to ask for the density to be increased.

While the current plan has improvements, there were unexplained increases in the size of the core area and the inclusion of hotels within the “core.” This Core was extended further west, past Manakin Road and now includes the area south of Broad Street, past Whippoorwill Road. The Core also includes the parcel on Hockett Road behind and south of the veterinary hospital.

We need our neighbors to keep involved!

Critical Dates:

(Update 09/21: These events are cancelled, to avoid dealing with citizen feedback right before the election.)

Oct. 24, 2023 at 9 AM - Board of Supervisors Work Session on Proposed Amendments

December 22 at the latest - Board of Supervisors votes on amendments and the entire plan

Depiction of the Centerville Core (Plan’s version from November 2022 to March 2023):

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