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Industrial Brewhouse, Discounts for Trees, Manakin Towne, Upcoming Town Hall, etc.

A few short notes…

The former Pickle Barrel is now open as the Industrial Taphouse. 11:00 AM Lunch, 4:00 PM Dinner. It can already be crowded!

A 65 housing unit development on Hockett Road is currently under “Plan of Development” review before breaking ground. The project already has zoning approval and is located on Songbird Lane, on the right, just past Greenswell Growers. 

The community hearing on changes to the previously approved Manakin Towne was held last Wednesday. The mixed use development will have 234 homes. The changes were discussed at the last Community Club meeting. The largest objections were for the lack of turn lanes onto Plaza Drive, at Bundle of Joy. Traffic will cut-through, to/from Manakin Road to the Food Lion and I-64.

The VA Department of Forestry is sponsoring a $25 discount on the purchase native trees. Available at Cross Creek Nursery on Ashland Road, just before Pouncy Tract.

The Wise Choice Exxon on Ashland Road was featured at the top of Richmond Magazine’s “Roadside Finds” eateries list. They list “…hand-breaded fried chicken, ginormous grilled subs, breakfast platters and daily specials.” 

A Goochland District 4 Town Hall will be Monday, March 25, 6:00 PM at Salem Baptist Church, 465 Broad Street Rd., Manakin-Sabot. 

Due to the schedule conflict with the Town Hall, the next RB Community Club will be moved to Wednesday, 03/27, 7:00 PM. We will include a presentation on Fire/Rescue. 

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