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Honda Design Meeting Monday 10/30

There is a "Design Review" meeting Monday, Oct 30 to consider the appearance, landscaping, etc. for the Honda dealership on Broad Street Road, on the Henrico County line.

These meetings are held when the county staff concludes that the proposed design of a building does not meet the standards in place. These standards are defined in a zoning tool called the "Overlay District."

The building applicant can request that the appointed citizen board make an exception to the standards.

The board currently has three members, from Mosaic, Oilville, and further West. These three people are doing diligent and careful work but there but nobody from District 4 has been recruited to join the committee.


Design Review Committee Agenda Conference Room 270, Goochland County Administration Building

Agenda Notice:

Monday, October 30, 2023 5:30 P.M. A.

SCHEDULED APPLICATION: District 4 COA-2023-00011 – Application by SP Real Estate Holdings, LLC requesting a Certificate of Approval (COA) to consider design and parking exceptions for an automobile dealership on Tax Map No. 59-3-2-F-P7.

The property is located at 12501 Broad Street Road on the south line of Broad Street Road at the Goochland County Border with Henrico County, and within the Centerville Village Overlay District. The property is zoned B-1 (Business, General), with proffered conditions. The COA is required by County Zoning Ordinance Sec. 15-435.

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