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Hearing on Development Across Hockett Road from Readers Branch

There will be a Planning Commission hearing on the 51 home development being built in two parts, one sharing the driveway with Saint Francis Church and the second on Goins Road.

November 2, 7:00 PM at the County Admin Building, 1800 Sandy Hook Rd

If you have concerns, let me know. My concerns include:

-The Traffic Study for Hockett Road was vaguely referenced at the “PRE” public meeting but has not been made available.

-Central to the vision for the Centerville Village is it being “walkable.” The Goins Road part of the project does not even connect to the main part. A 30 foot boardwalk would fix that. There are no sidewalks in the plan for Hockett Road.

-Proffers for schools appear to be inadequate. While the first home buyers may be older “empty nesters,” because of the cost, the large homes are ideal for large families when ownership turns-over in 10, 20, and 30 years.

District 4 RZ-2023-00009

Application by Towne & Country Realty Partners, LLC requesting a rezoning of 55.207 acres from Agricultural, Limited (A-2) to Residential Planned Unit Development (RPUD), with proffered conditions, for a residential subdivision on Hockett Road and Goins Road on Tax Map Nos. 58-1-0-73-0, 58-1-0-79- 0, and portions of 58-1-0-79-A and 58-1-0- 72-T. The Comprehensive Plan designates this area as Single-Family Residential, Medium Density and Semi-Public.

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