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Four Things I’ll do When Reviewing a Development Plan

Every development project is different but here are four things I’ll do when reviewing a development plan as supervisor.

First: Consider the location

Finding the right location is crucial for any project. For example, the area behind Satterwhite’s is the wrong location for a hotel.

What makes a good location? Here are a few things to consider:

Are the people living or working there going to have easy access to main roads, like I-64 or Rt. 288?

Is the development on roads, like Wilkes Ridge Parkway or Three Chopt Road, that will provide access? Can the roads near the project handle the extra traffic?

Does the project fit into the neighborhood?

Will the noise created disturb neighbors?

Is there an adequate buffer to ensure that it doesn’t?

I’ll visit the site of a proposed development project before I make a decision. I’ll talk to neighbors that will be affected. That is the best way to determine if the project is right for that location.

Second: I’ll ask questions. Lots of them.

At the last Regular Board of Supervisors meeting, the other board members asked question after question about a “hypothetical” traffic issue, what if a project added a lane to Broad Street Road.


I disagree! So called “Hypotheticals” are possible outcomes.

A road project is relevant today, even if projected to start in six years.

The project may not be funded yet but all VDOT projects are unfunded at the start.

And, Is it far-fetched to think a road project might occur in Short Pump? The board has been and must continue to ask questions.

Third: I’ll demand excellent quality

Here is a quote that I love: It's attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning."

Quality attracts Quality

Quality developments will attract MORE quality business and home developers.

Quality benefits everyone. The people living in Goochland, developers of adjacent properties, and those selling their land.

And Lastly, I’ll take a long term view, especially about how any project will fit into a fully built-out Centerville.

For that, we need an updated comprehensive plan.

The residents of District 4 want graceful growth. Not guaranteed gridlock.

Please visit my website SteveSforDistrict4.COM

Thank you for watching

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