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Eagle “Highfield” Development Meeting

On 01/30, there was a public meeting to present the developer’s plan for a new community of 197 houses on Rockville Road. This meeting is the first of three public meetings in the rezoning process.


The community will be South of and bordered by I-64. There will be turn lanes built each way on Rockville Road, into the development. A second entrance/exit is a stub road on the southern end, to the second section of The Bridge at Tuckahoe, the other new 49 home development on Rockville Road


A 100 foot buffer will be between the houses and Rockville road. The type of buffer desired by the audience was a “heavily landscaped berm.”


Traffic concerns were discussed. The developer’s traffic engineer said that the development will add 1600 car trips daily (each way) to the current 2500 trips. The engineer announced this traffic volume is not an issue for the road, followed by immediate loud disagreement from much of the audience.


The presentation include Goochland County plans to widen Rockville Road to four lanes with bike/walking trails. Not included in the presentation is that this plan is designated “low priority,” with no funding, no planned start date, and is not in the queue to go forward. In contrast the “high priority” I-64 interchange project may be completed as soon as 2031.


Ranked by fatalities, Rockville Road is the most dangerous road in the county (excluding I-64). Firetrucks on Rockville Road must come to almost a full stop, if trying to pass a dump truck on this narrow road.


This development is proposed to be zoning category “RPUD” (Residential Planned Unit Development). This is a higher density for this parcel than allowed in the current Comprehensive Plan and the failed 2023 Centerville Plan. These county plans both called for decreasing density as a parcel gets further from the Centerville center. The Highfield plan is a higher density then Bridge at Tuckahoe project, which is closer to Centerville.


Concerns were also raised about the strain on the schools and emergency services. Note that the developer pays a proffer to help offset the capital improvements needed. Under current formulas, that would be about $9700 per house. Audience members commented that even after the proffer, the development would be a burden on the county budget.


The next public step for approval will be a hearing before the Planning Commission, date not yet announced.


More information will eventually be at Questions can be sent to

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