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Community Club Monday, 02/26

On Monday, 02/26, 7:00 PM, we’ll discuss activities around our neighborhood.  

*** Note: These meetings are open to all Readers Branch residents. Due to HOA (Eagle) strict rules on inviting and the number of guests, please contact me about attending or scheduling this briefing elsewhere.  ***

Have a “shout out” to any business, club, activity you want to share? 

We’ll have a guest speaker’s (abridged) presentation on the Zoning Process. 

Also, “Quick Updates” on:

The March 6th Community Meeting on changes to the “Manakin Towne” project. 

 the 65 houses on Hockett Road set to break ground, the 51 houses across Hockett Road from Readers Point Drive, and the 197 homes proposed on Rockville Road. 

News on the Project Rocky cancellation, triggering the cancellation of “temporary” I-64 improvements. Concerns about data centers as well as the county’s approved 1214 housing lots.

Centerville’s Company 3 Fire Station’s 70th “birthday” and Fire/Rescue’s concerns about response times. 

Four Goochland road projects in Goochland, all to improve access to Goochland Courthouse.

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