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Board of Supervisors “Punts” Centerville Decision

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

On Monday, Aug. 7th, the Board of Supervisors decided to avoid making a public decision on the Centerville Village Plan, until after the election. They wanted to push the vote to January, when a new board is seated, but were required to schedule it in December, by law.

As many of you know, the Board of Supervisors’ handling of public input into the plan for Centerville spurred my decision to run for the board and ensure that District 4 residents had more of a say in the decisions that will affect them for years to come.

Numerous residents insisted on speaking up to voice their concerns about the plan, and I’m happy to report that, for now, the Board has backed off from a speedy approval and has created an online form for residents to submit amendments. (See LINK.)

That’s good news that I welcome. Let me remind you of the plan and its history.

How we got here The Board’s decision to delay the vote came after an Aug. 7 meeting following the Planning Commission’s approval of the Centerville Village Plan in July. The Board attempted to reschedule the approval vote until sometime in January, after the Board, with newly elected supervisors, was in place.

However, because the county is legally required to speedily resolve a Planning Commission recommendation, the plan’s approval vote must take place sometime before Dec. 22. This is well after the November election, when voters can hold accountable the present Board supervisors but before newly elected supervisors can be seated.

The Centerville plan, as concocted in November 2022, was met with wide public opposition, but virtually no concern from the Board and Planning Commission, in a January meeting. Only after continued public pressure from citizens did the County staff announce in March that revisions to the plan would be made.

Those revisions, made public in May, included some improvements and appeared to decrease some of the intense density in our district. The plan also added a number of unexplained additions in village size and density.

My take on the plan for Centerville I spoke at the May 24 Planning Commission hearing to express several of my concerns, including the greenway proposed through several neighborhoods; traffic through Whippoorwill Road; issues with Saddlecreek Parkway; and the lack of parks in the area.

I’m also concerned that the latest plan contains inexplicable increases in the size of the densest core, the area west to past Manakin Road and east to Belleview Gardens. An area on the west side of Rockville Road was changed to allow approximately 600 houses, almost tripling the density. Hotels were suddenly added, as was a new path planned through private property backyards.

Curiously, the plan’s name was also changed to the Centerville Small Area Plan, dropping the village aspect.

I intend to be among the residents submitting amendments to the revised Centerville Small Area Plan. I hope that you support my concerns and become active in protecting your neighborhood. Reach-out to me, so that we can work together for Centerville’s future.

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