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Amendment Deadline Days Away!

The deadline to submit amendments to the Centerville Small Area Plan is Sept. 15.

Here are some of the amendments offered by some of your neighbors (Previously posted.)

Please see my post covering my 15 transportation amendments.

Remove Lodging as a Recommended Use from Mixed Use Core

Lodging should be limited to Mixed Use Commercial B-3 Interchange and economic development areas.

Remove “Use & Density,” “Height,” “Building Massing & Street Relationship,” and “Parking” descriptions.

They are already found in the "Goochland County Zoning Ordinance" Article- Zoning Districts and Associated Planning Regulations Article 20- Use Standards.

Remove "Zoning Text Amendments" Section found on Page 27

Goochland County already has a process in place to Amend the Zoning Ordinances.

Amend the Centerville Small Area Plan to retain Single Family Residential Land Use (Yellow) for Tuckahoe Bridge North, and all adjoining parcels fronting Rockville Road, approximately 225 acres from the I-64 bridge east to St Matthews Lane, as currently shown as Neighborhood Residential (Gold) in the Plan

Tax Parcels: 47-1-0-46-A, 47-39-0-1-0, 47-3-0-B-0, 47-3-0-B-1, 47-1-0-42-A, 47-13-0-A-0, 47-1-0-45-0, 47-1-0-45-C, 47-1-0-45-A, 47-1-0-48-0. Update pages 16,21, and 22. maps.

(1) If unchanged, full build out of 225 acres at 4 units/ac communicates to developers 900 total homes are acceptable along Rockville Road

(2) If 900 homes on 1 mile of Rockville Road is unacceptable, why is it in the plan

(3) If unchanged, developers will expect the new ordinance to match the new comp plan at 4/ac.

(4) During T-B RPUD at 2.5 was too high for the transitional area. T-B at 1 unit/ac was approved

(5) T-B RPUD at 2.5 created many traffic concerns for residents/Fire/Rescue

Amend the Centerville Small Area Plan to remove the word "Townhouses" as a Primary / Secondary Land use from the Neighborhood Residential Table on Page 16

Too many Land use Designations list Townhouses on the Page 16 land use table. Townhouses or Multi-family are listed as Primary or Secondary uses in Mixed Use Core, Mixed Use Commercial, and Economic Development Designations. Neighborhood Residential and Single-Family Designation should help maintain the rural character of the remaining residential Designations. Otherwise, Centerville North, South, East, and West will be overrun with rows of Townhouses from Manakin Rd east passed 288.

Remove Lodging as a Recommended Use from Mixed Use Core from the Page 16 Table

Lodging should be limited to Mixed Use Commercial B-3 Interchange and economic development areas.

No lodging in the Mixed-Use Core

Any hotels should be in the areas next to I-64 and Rt 288 Commercial areas only and not along both sides of Broad Street Road, from Belleview Gardens to the Sycamore Creek subdivision.

The Mixed-Use Core Boundary should not be moved west of Manakin Road and north or south of Broad Street Road

Manakin Road starts the Transitional area where congestion needs to be tapered down to the Village’s Western Boundary and the start of Rural Enhancement Areas.

Also, this would be the first step to remove the small-scale limitations and negatively impacts the Transitional Areas between Manakin Road and the Village’s Western Boundary.

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