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Upcoming Zoning Events & Meetings

These are some of the important upcoming county meetings:

August 1 - Board of Supervisors (BOS) votes on the Crescent Communities “Rocky II” warehouse on Ashland Road. While the warehouse is a third the size of the Project Rocky warehouse, it will be operational years before the I-64 divergent diamond interchange is completed.

August 3 - Planning Commission (PC) on the application for a Honda dealership, on Broad Street, right at the Henrico line. This project faced little or no concern at the public “Pre-Application” meeting a few months ago.

The full agenda is not announced yet but at the last meeting, every project proposed was approved. This approval included a River Road project at a higher density than the Comprehensive Plan allows.

August 7 - Board of Supervisors (BOS) votes on the Centerville Plan. It is unusual for the BOS to schedule a meeting before the PC vote is known. There will be no time to make corrections to any objections raised on July 25. (Update 07/26: The PC passed the plan with absolutely no changes.)

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