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Hi, I'm Steve 

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Time for a Change!

What I Stand For

Listening & Bringing Your Concerns To The Attention of the Board

District 4 is growing and growing rapidly. The Board of Supervisors has decided that Eastern Goochland County is the primary place for development in the county. Our population is increasing and the developers are developing without input from the us! Zoning changes without input. Much of eastern Goochland and most of our District pay higher taxes than anywhere else in the county. Yet. No Schools. No libraries. No Parks.


Why I'm Running

After watching the Project Rocky and Centerville Village Plan public comments and listening to discussions by our Board of Supervisors, I saw the Board’s disregard for the concerns of residents, the lack of attention to details, and apparent absence of knowledge about the neighborhoods. 


Their focus was on the benefit of people in other districts, and certainly not the people on Ashland Road or anywhere near Centerville.


It is clear we need someone from our area to represent us. 


This job requires the willingness and the time to listen to neighbors.

Development is coming…

But must respect the people living here. It must be developed with an eye toward how it will impact each neighborhood adjacent and in the area. 

Quality attracts quality

A high quality, coherent plan will attract “Class A” business and home developers. The thoughtful plan doesn’t just benefit the people already living in Goochland. It is attractive to prospective home-buyers, a great source of value to developers, and a financial benefit to those selling their property. 


Careful review is a must for every parcel’s development plan to protect homeowners in the immediate area. Building on-the-cheap, without careful emphasis on factors like traffic and appearance, lowers the value of not only existing properties but also lowers the potential benefits to all other builders and projects.

This is an issue for everyone in Goochland...

not just those near Ashland Road and in Centerville.


If the population of Centerville explodes from 2049 today, to 10,000 to 18,000, then everyone living within a couple miles of Centerville will be in the development blast zone.

*The 11/22 Centerville Plan provided no hint of population growth. A back-of-the-envelope estimate is 8,000 to 16,000 more residents. Some estimate the total to be 20,000. The May 2023 expanded the village area, to include residents on Wilkes Ridge Parkway.

Why I'm Running

About me

In the coming years, Goochland residents in District 4 will face significant decisions over taxes and development that will shape the county for decades. We need county leaders who have the expertise to listen to our residents to best guide how our communities grow and ensure that our tax dollars are used wisely and for our benefit.  

I have the skills needed to work with county government workers, developers, business leaders, and most importantly, my neighbors, to promote and protect the quality of life for our community.


After starting in the loan industry and as a housing inspector, I went on to a 37-year career in technology and business/organization consulting. I managed large teams to maintain a billion-dollar-a-year accounting system and worked as a tax manager in a “Big Four” accounting firm. Through my work, I gained the insight to evaluate and reorganize organizations, to focus on results rather than just executing a function. 

I transformed diverse groups into strong teams. I managed the process for road maintenance funding decisions for hundreds of areas, and provided oversight of the maintenance of government facilities and historic structures. 

I'm the son and grandson of police officers who moved to Virginia 44 years ago. My wife of 43 years and I moved to Goochland to be nearer to family, including our grandchildren.Their future and the future of this county matter to me. 

I have a B.S. in business administration and started my career in the loan industry and as a housing inspector. I earned a  master’s in management of information systems and a project management professional (PMP) certificate. 

I retired after a 37-year career in technology and business/organization consulting. For 11 years, I worked as a manager with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, building tax compliance and knowledge systems and bringing world-class advice to mid-cap and small businesses.

I built a team of 35 professionals to maintain a billion-dollar-a-year accounting system. I worked as a business process re-engineering consultant on several projects, including making recommendations to  reorganize a 130,000-person federal agency, ” I managed  major systems such as the U.S. EPA’s financial systems, and the National Park Service’s funding allocation to maintain their roads and to monitor maintenance of the national park historic structures.

These are skills I want to put to work for our community. I know the intricacies of what it takes to run an organization with a $141.4 million budget.

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Who I am
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